Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Enrich Broadband Module Surfing Experience

Ericsson will soon launch its new generation mobile broadband module. Uniquely designed with innovative features, F3607gw module for HSPA / GPRS / EDGE will enrich the Internet experience at an affordable price.

F3607gw module which will be launched this June harga ipad, as well as the ability to provide higher comfort through innovative features, reduction of energy use, extend battery life and increase the level of integration, reducing the number of components required and cost-effective. This new module will also provide mobile broadband built-in support for Microsoft Windows 7.

 The combination of cutting edge technology and innovative design found in the next generation is a key module presents a superior user experience at an affordable price. Launch this module confirms Ericsson s commitment to provide the advantages of connectivity available to everyone,  said Mats Norin, Vice President of Mobile Broadband Modules Ericsson in the official statement on Wednesday ( 15/4/2009 ).

There are interesting features are presented F3607gw, the wake -on wireless feature. This feature allows the notebook or netbook which is in vogue  sleep  stay connected. This innovative technology enables a new set of applications built on the computer to enhance the security and functions in a short time, such as the ability to knock out a computer when it is stolen, or briefly the spread important messages about security and the latest news.

Operators can also combine the wake -on wireless feature is by combining GPS capabilities to create the types of different services for consumer and enterprise markets harga samsung galaxy s4, remotely control, security updates, asset protection and search and geo - fencing.

The presence of a wake -on wireless feature supports security solutions based Anti - Theft PC Protection Technology from Intel. Anti- theft management service on the network can send a message via SMS to the mobile broadband module inside the notebook, and will securely send these messages to the Anti-Theft function inside the processor network.

Then it will do the appropriate actions, such as locking the computer and make the total can not be used. When the notebook is found and corrected, an unlock message to be sent to the notebook so that the data in it can be accessed again.

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